The Team of Bees

A Hive is as Only Good as Its Workers

Meet the crew behind the scenes... the team that makes La Burla Bee the top Cabaret of Colorado Springs!

Meet The Team

Queen & King Bee
bunny and brad.jpg

Meet Bunny Bee Brackel and Brad Brackel, owners of La Burla Bee. “Never above you, never below you, always beside you.” We can’t wait to share this experience with all of you!

Entertainment Coordinator

Meet our entertainment coordinator Romeo Uncaged! La Burla Bee entertainment will be held in three different locations within the venue. 

La Burla Bee will host  burlesque in the Cabaret, aerial in the Beehive,  drag and a variety of different performances in the Ristorante. Local and world wide entertainers will be hitting the Bee stages. Stay Tuned! You don’t want to miss what Romeo has up his sleeve!

Entertainment Hostess

Meet Binky Chandler! Or, as we all know her, the Dirty Den Mother. We will have weekly entertainment with a variety of performers as well as special guests!

Menu Specialist
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Meet Madame Gem. Talented in so many ways, she's also our menu specialist. We will be serving up Italian delights and her expertise falls right in line. She and her husband own Wade's Cafe.  Make sure you go and check out their delicious breakfast and other choices of delight.

Wade’s Cafe -

Assistente Dell'Ape
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Allie Graham, our “assistente dell'ape.” We are so excited! Allie works daily to assist the owners in organizing everything that is needed for La Burla Bee.

Communications Facilitator
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Meet Foxie Dreame, our liaison, our communication facilitator with all things La Burla Bee. She’s our go-between, and we couldn’t be happier.

Theatrical Producer
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Meet Glen Chandler, or as known to us as Hopz n’ Maltz, the “music man,” our master of music, sound and stage. He is our theatrical producer that will oversee the stage ambiance.